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Goose Technologies follows a well-defined and structured process during the implementation of Harmony. Since the solution is a SaaS product, the deployment is primarily about configuring the product features requested by the client. The Goose team ensures that the change management strategy is put in place before, during, and after the project implementation and deployment. The process includes:

  • Requirements Gathering: A business analyst does a GAP analysis and determines product configurations needed for the customization. These customizations may include:
    • User authentication requirements (single sign on model used)
    • Integration with internal client systems e.g. SAP, Oracle etc.
    • User interface
    • Defined workflows and forms
    • Process specific checklists
    • Reports
    • Digital asset management
    • Validation
    • Training
  • Infrastructure Requirement: With Harmony being a SaaS solution, Goose Technologies deploys a packaged and configured instance for each of its clients. The product is designed to scale up as needed which is backed by optimally configured servers to ensure seamless rollout and operations.
  • Change Management participation: A business analyst is specifically assigned to work with the client during the change management process. This critical deployment step ensures awareness building, training, and user on-boarding to the tool.Implementation

Product support: Goose offers it client a host of support models for Harmony. The Harmony platform has inbuilt FAQs’ and videos for quick user reference. Additionally, clients are also offered the following:


  • Standard Support – A highly efficient and capable support team works tirelessly to cater to user issues.
  • Dedicated Support – Based on business needs, organizations can go for a team specially tailored to their situation.
  • Implementation will automatically enter into the standard-support mode after two weeks of go live (or after stabilization, whichever is later). We do not consider our implementation stabilized till users can perform their activities in BAU (Business As Usual) mode.
  • Our services projects can avail the dedicated support for the entire duration of the contract.