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Harmony platform is a Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) category 4 IT solution. It is a configurable solution which is being used by over 2000 users across 20 countries and managing more than 40,000 artworks annually. Harmony stands on its three pillars which make it so unique, efficient, and comprehensive.

  1. Harmony eLabel – Harmony eLabel is designed to make tracking workflows easy and simple. It comes armed with over 15 workflows that you can start using instantly. You can even get your own workflow, specific to your business, configured in no time.
  2. Harmony eProof – Harmony eProof is a unique and comprehensive proofreading tool which eliminates errors and unnecessary product recalls. This unique tool proofreads your documents for text, pixel, scan, barcode, and even Braille.
  3. Harmony eDoc – Harmony’s built-in document management system, eDoc, assists you with tracking, managing, storing, and digitizing documents. It provides you with a secure environment to configure your workflows and checklists with an audit trail to stay on top of your work. A powerful search engine and a scanner interface make sure that you do not waste time in searching for documents.